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Jason Mascari

About buying ranch real estate

Photo by Jim Harris

For many, living in Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico is truly the "Real West," with the ability to experience "the good life". But it's important to consider what it means to buy ranch real estate.

Each state offers abundant wildlife, gorgeous scenic vistas and wide open spaces. None of these western states have many folks. In fact, Wyoming has the smallest population of any state.

Please be aware that small populations mean a small number of employers and fewer high paying job opportunities. If you plan to move and look for a job you'll find the closer you are to larger cities and towns the more job opportunities exist. Conversely, remote property locations have few jobs available. We suggest you check out the various job markets and asses your income needs first.

We will be glad to enclose a local newspaper with your information package. In the West the rewards are not measured in money as much as the quality of life.

Important considerations when picking out your land

Now that you are thinking about land ownership, here are a few things to consider to help you determine the best type of land for your needs and lifestyles.


What do you plan to do with your property?

Year-round living --Summer cabin -- Hunting -- Camping Base -- and investment for future generations -- a place to kick back, watch the sunsets, and relax?

Important Features:

What features are most important to you?

Fishing creek, river, lots of tree cover, light tree cover, good soil for gardening, mountain views, the last parcel on the end of the road, mild climate, deep snowfall, bordering National Forest, easily accessible, or very remote.


What type of terrain will work best for your use?

Mountains, south facing slope, high level plateau, canyon, northern slope (usually where most timber is located), rolling terrain (where both north and south slopes exist).


What type will work best for you?

All-weather access with passenger car, four wheel drive access during summer and hunting season. Year round access if you plow snow with your 4 x 4 or tractor.

We're here to help. Just call us on our toll-free number: 1-800-682-8088 and let's discuss what you would like. We'll offer suggestions and ideas so you are able to select a piece of land that's right for you.