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W. Cary Porter

About Rocky Mountain Timberlands

Now it's easy and affordable to own land in Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico!

For 30 years we've been selling parcels of ranch land to people who want to live their dream in the West. See our No Time Limit Guarantee posted below.

Rocky Mountain Timberlands was founded by Wayne and Susan Joyner. We own the ranches and we also provide financing.

We are glad to provide references from the title insurance, legal, and escrow services. We are proud members of the Bozeman, Montana and Laramie, Wyoming chambers of commerce.

You'll enjoy your property as a base for camping, fishing, or hunting. Build a cabin, raise a family and a garden, or use your property as a retirement get-away for yourself, your family and friends. You'll have beautiful mountain views, wildlife as neighbors, clean air and incredible sunsets.

"We were very pleased with the land, what a view to the east, mountains to the west. I was raised on a farm here in south central Ohio, going to OTR-9 was like returning to the land, back to my youth when my dad and I used to farm together."
Greg Mather - Ohio.

Photo by Jim Harris

We're here to help you get the land you want at a price you can afford. Nobody pressures you to buy. If you have questions, comments or want to keep in touch, call us anytime on our toll-free line: 1-800-682-8088

No Time Limit Guarantee

At Rocky Mountain Timberlands we're proud of our reputation for customer satisfaction, that's why we make this No Time Limit Guarantee to every buyer:

If upon first inspection of your property, with a representative of Rocky Mountain Timberlands, you would prefer a different piece of land, Rocky Mountain Timberlands agrees to transfer 100% of your principal equity* to any other property available in the Rocky Mountain Timberlands inventory presently being offered at that time.

This offer is available to all purchasers as long as:

  1. All payments are current at the time of equity transfer.
  2. Purchaser has not previously inspected his property.

At Rocky Mountain Timberlands we make this guarantee to you because we want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase.

* The PRINCIPAL EQUITY is your down payment plus all money paid on the principal balance of your contract for deed.