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Jim Kozlik

Power to Site

Many of our properties are too remote to have electric power handy, but we have a few that not only are close to power, the power is already to the property. If you are thinking about building or moving to live on these properties, the advantage of power on site is obvious. It also is obvious to everyone else shopping for property, so such properties sell quickly. Call today to make sure the list is current!

The Pine Mountain Ranch is as beautiful as it is functional. The ranch offers year round access right off ...

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Power to Site

Links below lead to select properties that are available for purchase today:


This is Yellowstone Country! Western Heartlands Ranch is what America was, a...

Price: $39,900 - $69,900
Riverbend Ranch

This area is one of the most remote places you can find in our offerings....

Price: $29,500 - $59,900