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Dean Petty

Land In Alaska

Alaska Property for Sale!

There is more sight seeing in Alaska than one could accomplish in a lifetime. There are endless rivers, mountains, glaciers and islands scattered along the cost line than one could imagine. Alaska is the largest state:

  • 586,400 Square Miles
  • We are 2 times the size of Texas
  • We have 29 volcanoes
  • 33,000 miles of coastline!
  • 1,400 miles North to South
  • 2,700 miles East to West
  • Over 1/2 the world's Glaciers. We are the only state to have coastlines on three different seas. Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea.
  • Mount Denali: 20,320 feet (Tallest in North America)

    Alaska also has unique wildlife:

  • Kodiak Bear; 1,400 pounds, 11 feet tall
  • Polar Bear; 1,400 pounds, 11 feet tall
  • Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear); 800 pounds, 9 feet tall
  • Moose; 1,350 pounds, 5 feet high to shoulder. Antlers span 72 inches.

    Here are our Alaska Properties currently offered.